Getting a handle on the details

A few days in, and i’m still enjoying discovering some of the SAAB 9-3’s interior design details, especially the Hirsch nappa leather door handles and the cardon leather door trims.

Looking closely, they’re all beautifully made and have a great felling of longevity, they really do help to give the SAAB a sense of exclusivity.

Another unique SAAB feature i’d missed in other cars is the Turbo gauge; elegantly simple and yet totally purposeful, i’m trying desperately to keep it out of the red, at least for a while.

Any sceptics out there having not enjoyed some quality time in a SAAB must surely be missing out. I’d test driven a Lexus 200d F Sport and a BMW 320d M Sport at the same time as the SAAB, and although each had certain merits in interior design terms, neither matched it’s overall style.

Some say it’s feeling old, but with some Hirsch tweaking, it really feels bang up to date.


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