Griffin meets Griffin

A rather apt product collaboration for SAAB I think. Griffin Technology produce superb quality devices and cables including the one i’ve just received in the post from Germany this morning.

A flat Aux cable to connect the iPhone with it’s collection of music to the neat Aux port on the SAAB 9-3’s dash.

This is not quite your normal Aux cable however, this one’s flat profile allows it to neatly tuck between paneling and curves nicely into the rubberised compartment behind the gear shift in which the phone sits happily.

Griffin met Griffin, and they liked each other!


4 thoughts on “Griffin meets Griffin

  1. hi, i’ve been reading your blog for a few months, very cool photography skills =]
    i would like to get the griffin flat aux for my saab too but thinking maybe 3 ft is too long. do you have a picture that can show how long is the cable when you plugged it into your car?

    • Hi Ken, thanks for your comments, glad you’re enjoying it.

      Cable – nice looking with great sound, although for me, the length is good as my children (always in control of sounds) can reach my iPod from the back seats; not sure if that’s such a good idea when One Direction fills my SAAB though.

      I’ll sort a quick pic out for you showing how it falls.

      • Did you take a picture of the set up?

        I’m wondering how long a griffin cable needs to be to allow the I pod to be stored in the cubby?

        Is that how you use yours?

        Sorry about all the questions,I’m getting over excited about picking her up on Saturday and I’m planning my requisition list!

      • Sorry, hugely hectic hence no new posts, I’ll try and grab a pic tomorrow for you.

        I generally have my iPod sitting in the cubby behind the gearstick, as I can tuck the cable away nicely then.

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