One Hirsch of a week

Living with a new car is very different from taking it for a quick test drive.

You begin to learn about it’s idiosyncrasies; exactly how it sounds, how it corners and overtakes, how it accelerates, and of course how it stops, and OMG how this SAAB stops –  wow.

As this TTiD is fitted with a 200bhp Hirsch upgrade, making it seriously good fun to drive, if I get carried away, I wanted to be safe in the knowledge that stopping it, quickly was at the same level of performance.

 A hectic week has meant a lot of driving; a 40 mile dash across the county for a barbecue with friends and family, a trip to the airport and the normal commute to work, all in all covering over 500 miles.

A number of exceptional qualities have appeared from the SAAB this week, not least, the amazing stopping power of the brakes. Upgraded by Bond Street SAAB they are Hirsch 345mm internally ventilated discs with single piston calipers and high performance road pads. They have already proved themselves worthy of every penny, flawlessly outperforming my expectations during the week.

I’ve taken a quick picture of the brakes, enclosed by very dirty 18″ Hirsch 5 twin spoke alloys.

I’ll be writing a longer review about how it feels on the road, but all I can say right now, is that I love driving this SAAB.


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