SAAB’s just make you smile

Having owned over 20 German cars in the past, mainly BMW 5 Series I have to say, I liked them all, but somehow not a single one of them offered any ‘personality’, you get in and drive, they handle beautifully, they’re comfortable, quiet and crafted from superb quality materials, but I had no hesitation in selling them either, I got bored, they just didn’t make me smile enough.

Now, this is were SAAB’s win hands down, you don’t just drive them, they become part of your life, they ooze personality, and the older and more used they get, the more they offer somehow. They make me smile – a happy smile.

I know friends with 150,000 + SAAB’s and they just won’t part with them, preferring to buy a new one to drive more regularly, and keep the older ones for ‘special occasions’.

My new 9-3 is quickly becoming part of the family and one thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting bored anytime soon, apart from anything else I just love the way it looks.

Last week I took a few pictures of a 9-5 Aero on an old airfield, they worked out well, so couldn’t resist taking a few of the 9-3 there too.


One thought on “SAAB’s just make you smile

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