In search of a solitary timber barn

A few years ago, SAAB created a series of ads based on the theme Saab vs. When I first saw them, they somehow reflected how I felt about SAAB; stylish, elegant, individual and timeless, they also became the inspiration for naming this blog Saab vs. Scepticism.

There was one superb ad titled Saab vs. the Puritans, this inspired me to buy my very first SAAB convertible, a red 900 HOT, a great car, but soon replaced by a silver Abbott Racing 9-3 HOT, and then a 9-3 Aero in carbon grey, you could say the ad has a lot to answer to.

Not having forgotten the Puritans ad, i’ve been looking for a solitary timber barn in the middle of the English countryside ever since. When I find one, hopefully, i’ll have my trusty Leica with me and I can take a modern version of the image featuring my 9-3 TTiD (albeit not a convertible).

If anyone knows of a barn that looks like the one featured above, let me know the coordinates, i’ll hop in the SAAB and take a drive!

If you haven’t seen them, have a look at the Saab vs. ads on


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