Night Panel Love

I first realised i’d got an obsession with the Night Panel when I wasn’t driving a SAAB.

I couldn’t find that all important rectangular button, the magic button, the one that gives you extra concentration on dark nights and long journeys, the one that instantly turns off all but the most important of dashboard lights and throws a simple soft green glow out into the cabin, I really missed it.

When I picked up my new SAAB 9-3, and after a year without one, I couldn’t resist waiting until it was dark and going for a night drive, quickly pressing that Night Panel button and watching as all of the gauges powered down, yep, it was good to be back in a SAAB again.

Besides the obvious increased levels of concentration it bestows upon us SAAB drivers, it’s a seriously unique and extremely cool feature that no other brand offers.

Some say it’s just a gadget, I agree, but it has a very real purpose, and I love it!


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