Bad weather reminds me of what a great decision I made

Coming up to Christmas, everything is rather hectic with not much time to write posts. The weather hasn’t been pleasant for a few days either so no nice new pictures, but, not to be beaten, i’ve found a gorgeous one of the 9-3 taken a few months ago.

Taking a moment to admire just what a stunning car it is, I realise what a great decision I made opting for the SAAB, even with the current situation hovering over all of us SAAB lovers, I wouldn’t change my decision.

My partners at work opted for other brands; 2 had new Lexus CT’s, and one had a VW Scirocco. In my eyes, none compare to the SAAB either in style or quality.

Only thing to report is a ‘Little Rambling’ – ran into the kerb today and put a small mark on the rim of the front Hirsch alloys, always upsetting when its the first one, ahh.


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