Every SAAB a Limited Edition

Luckily, on this site, I can try and forget the current woes facing SAAB and concentrate on the serious business of the cars already built, after all, no one can take these away from us.

Sadly, if the worst really does happen, and SAAB can no longer manufacture cars, we’ll never get to experience the SAAB of the future; the 9-5 may hint at it, but dreams of the PhoeniX and new generation 9-3 for example may never get to be driven or adored.

On the upside, you could say that every single SAAB will become a Limited Edition, finite numbers of cars will be available and ready to be lovingly cared for and enjoyed for years to come.

This leads me to the real point of this latest post – the desirability of SAAB.

As well as my 9-3 saloon, and my wife’s 9-3 SportCombi, we’re currently selling a BMW 1 Series, in part, to fund the recent SportCombi, and all because I let her drive mine!

This is what SAAB seem to do so effortlessly, inspire both desire and loyalty. Old SAABs are just the same, I keep my eyes open for an original 900 convertible because they’re so beautiful, and although i’ve owned 3 other SAAB convertibles, i’ve never had the pleasure of owning one of these.

So, whilst the people at SAAB work tirelessly to continue to give us all hope for the future, I thought, that in some little way, by showing them how important their labours of love are and always will be, that they can be proud in everything they have ever achieved so far, and let them know how important SAAB is to the world.


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