The Importance of clean SAABS

As the whole hectic festive period draws to a close, I realise I have rather neglected the SAABs, the weather has taken its toll, and they’re looking more than a little dirty, so it’s out with the bucket and sponge and off we go.

Since collecting the 9-3 SportCombi back in October, it has done us proud; we’ve already put a few more thousand miles on the clock, carrying family and a new dog around in supreme comfort, adding a set of new SAAB mountain bike racks and generally enjoying the 9-3 for exactly what it was designed for – life. But it hadn’t been cleaned once, so it had to go first.

Patiently waiting its turn, my  9-3 Saloon looked equally neglected, and as Sunday had brought us such a gorgeous morning, I set to it with a refreshed bucket and sponge. I couldn’t resist cleaning the Hirsch alloys first, as salt, dirt and brake dust had built up fast; It soon reminded me of how important it is to keep them clean, the combined coating had begun to take hold of the spotless silver finish, and really did take some effort to get off.

I actually love cleaning the SAABs, it gives me a chance to appreciate and admire the gorgeous styling and pure lines of the 9-3, whilst allowing me to spot any unwanted blemishes needing attention at the same time.

A few hours later, and my hard work was rewarded by having 2 gleaming SAAB 9-3s on our driveway (until their next Winter outings of course).

Go clean your SAAB, polish the badges and be proud of all it stands for, I am.


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