We all need inspiration in our lives

Driving home last night, I realised I was staring at the headlights of the oncoming cars to see if any of them were SAAB 9-3s. It’s dark early at this time of year, and the only way of detection is by looking for their distinctive styling; intense perfect globes of light with sharp, aggressive highlights resting above, making them almost human in form.

I pick up my daughter from school every evening, and she searches for our car by the headlights alone, they really do stand out that much.

All of this light gazing got me to thinking about what made me so drawn to a new SAAB 9-3, my 7th SAAB. I’m a bit of an inspiration freak, finding tiny specks of it scattered throughout life, through images, words, thoughts and surroundings. When it comes to looking for a new car, it’s inspiration I search for first.

Inspiration quickly showed itself in the form of an image I found; one of the most beautiful SAABs I’d ever seen, a new generation, graphite grey sport saloon with an absolutely stunning front profile. From the purposeful stance and elegant curves, Hirsch mesh grill and understated Hirsch logo to the unique headlight and foglight clusters, this had to be the car for me.

I tried others of course; a BMW 325d M Sportwagon, a Lexus 220d F Sport, and a Mercedes C250d Sport all got their turn to shine, but that inspirational image of the SAAB seemed to shine brighter, it was there, in my mind and wouldn’t move.

Comparing our 9-3 reality with inspiration, I truly couldn’t be happier, my automotive inspiration greets me every morning when I leave home, warmly saying hello and ready to put that SAAB smile on my face for yet another day.

Inspiration comes in many different forms, SAAB’s just seem to be able to dish it out by the bucket load.


3 thoughts on “We all need inspiration in our lives

  1. I came across your site for the first time today – superb, I have really enjoyed it. I took delivery of a new 9-3 TTID4 in the same carbon grey last April, and am really enjoying the car. I think yours looks outstanding with all the Hirsch kit. I have to say that the demise of Saab has been sad to see unfold, and of course we are now without warranty cover. that said, I still wouldn’t swap my Saab for anything else as its a great car. I Look forward to seeing more of your postings

  2. Hi Glenn, so glad you’re enjoying the car, great choice. I have to say, I do panic about the warrenty, but really not sure what other car I would have chosen – even with the knowledge we have now.

    I have always loved SAABs and will continue to own and drive them for as long as I can. They’re more a way of life rather than just a car.

    Thanks for your comments on the blog too, it’s good to know people enjoy it.

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