What is it worth?

Having just arranged modern classic insurance for our new SAAB 900 Convertible, my insurers asked me to supply photographs of the car to set a guaranteed value. Obviously, not needing any encouragement, I grabbed my camera and began to think about local places I could drive to, to take a few nice pictures.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday; cold, but deep blue skies, the kind of day that SAAB convertibles were made for. I popped the roof down (which is still silent and smooth after 20 years of service), pushed the windows up for a little protection against the elements, and turned the heater on full (also still amazingly efficient and extremely hot after 20 years).

The 900 hasn’t been touched yet, no cleaning, no TLC, but the pictures i’ve taken do have a rather pleasing honesty about them, you get what you see. I’ve always loved the 900 convertible, especially with the Aero bodykit as ours has, the shape seems to be age defying, it does have certain aspects that have aged, but generally, exceptionally timeless for the automotive industry.

But how much is it worth? I see these beautiful SAABs going for both ridiculously low and high figures, and everything in-between, how do you put a price on such classic design, is it the condition, the milage, the number of previous owners, or is it more to do with perception, after all, it is a 20 year old car.

I can’t answer my own question, but sitting in the supremely comfortable aged and weathered leather seats, roof down and surrounded by warmth on a crisp Winters day, I’d say it’s priceless.


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