Two seasons, twelve thousand miles and a huge amount of smiling


Stuff has been happening here, but absolutely no time to write about them. The new 900 convertible is currently with my wonderful mechanic for a good going over, the 9-3 SportCombi has been proving it’s worth and is in desperate need of a clean, and the 9-3 Saloon, well, what can I say, is simply stunning.

The 9-3 has now seen its first Autumn and Winter seasons, it’s covered a decent amount of miles, and as the headline says, it’s made me smile, a lot. It’s hard to explain, it’s more than just a car; something that gets you from A to B, it’s a complete feeling, it becomes part of your life.

As far as reliability goes, it’s been flawless, but that’s not all that makes a car great. It’s bloody comfortable too, the leather heated seats have felt supremely luxurious throughout Winter, the Hirsch steering wheel really suits my driving style, and, gimmick or not, the night panel is seriously easy on the eyes on dark evenings.

I’ve quickly become addicted to driving the 9-3; the Hirsch upgrade allows the TTiD engine to pull beautifully, no flat spots, no lag, and you can comfortably take the revs up to 5000rpm throughout the gears.  The Hirsch duel exhaust is settling down nicely, and has a very gratifying subtle but deep rasp as you accelerate, the upgraded and lowered sport suspension gives the 9-3 an amazing feeling of security together with a meaningful stance and the Hirsch brakes have been invaluable.

I absolutely love the sharp styling, I know the platform is over 10 years old, but with its recent facelift, I’d still choose the 9-3 over other current luxury cars; it offers a unique distinction not often found in current automotive design trends.

Obviously, choosing a new SAAB hasn’t come without its problems, the loss of my ‘guaranteed’ 3 year manufactures warranty for one, panicking about parts availability another. But the pleasure the SAAB has given already far out ways my worries, I look at it as a Limited Edition; one I am lucky enough to own, and one that may mean a few hardships along the way, but what a fantastic journey.


8 thoughts on “Two seasons, twelve thousand miles and a huge amount of smiling

    • Thanks baas900i

      That’s a real shame about Hirsch not being available, it honestly has taken an already amazing car to a different level.

      Thanks for the blog comment, I don’t manage to post as often as I’d like, but it’s great to know people are looking and enjoying.

  1. I have recently picked up a 9-3 Aero TTID (58) and had the Hirsch upgrade done and I have to agree with you ont he power its so enjoyable to drive.

    Looking forward to long road trip around North Wales or Northumberland in it.

    if i keep reading your reviews I’m going to end up buying a lot more Hirsch stuff.

    • Nice to hear from you Paul, and thanks for your comments, what has your Aero been upgraded too – 200?

      Read a few more of the posts and you’ll realise I absolutely adore the Hirsch goodies. They’ve really transformed an already amazing car into something special, especially the dual exhaust, and the wheels and brakes, and the…

      Just go for it, add what you can when you can, you won’t regret it 🙂

  2. Yes the 200bhp upgrade I got a very very good deal on the upgrade, quite a few hundred pounds off the retail price and free installation, sadly the dealer closed 3 days after having it down and me thinking wow I’ve found a decent Main Dealer.

    I’m very tempted for the front grille kit and the interior options.

    But I have a big 5 week holiday/wedding to pay for first I think.

    • That’s great about the upgrade, well worth the money even at retail, it makes such a difference. Dealer closures may cause a few of us issues, but hopefully with the set-up of SAAB Parts UK Ltd, we’ll all be able to run these gorgeous cars for many years to come.

      Ask for Hirsch goodies as wedding presents, that gets around the problem I think.

  3. God,I love that steering wheel……god knows how much it is tho,if the hirsch aluminium pedals are anything tomgomby(roughly 20 to 50 million pounds,just for the brake pedal)

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