In a world of insecurity SAAB shines through

All be it with a 20 year old classic 900 convertible. It’s been warm here in the UK, unseasonably so, some days close to 25 degrees; in March, what’s going on?

But i’m not complaining, after all, It’ll be raining in a few weeks, that’s what makes the UK so interesting, you never know what your going to get; live with it, enjoy it, anyway back to the point.

The 900 has spent the last 3 weeks with my great mechanic – Charles, mainly to rectify the seized drivers side window, but there were other things too, he’s changed metres of perished pipework, he’s somehow loosened all of the electric window switches, and he’s given the dashboard a new lease of life with full illumination. The squeaky clutch pedal is no longer, and the drivers side window winds up and down as silently and quickly as I imagine it did when it left Sweden 20 years ago (thanks to Neo Brothers for a brand new motor delivered within 24 hours).

With the early Spring sun, having the roof down has been an absolute pleasure, the 900 feels very special indeed, its seductive lines drawing admiring glances whilst the distinctive 900 exhaust burbles reassuringly behind you. This is truly a classic SAAB to while away the sunny days in.

I know how unsecure SAAB’s future is, but it really doesn’t take away from the fact we are left with some amazing cars to take care of and enjoy for future generations; my 12 year old son has already decided that the 900 is going to be his first car, let’s wait and see, I may not want to give it up, after all 5 years isn’t a long time to enjoy a SAAB.

Apologies, iPhone photos again; gorgeous countryside + setting sun = photo opportunity.


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