Welcome to an Exclusive Club

A few weeks ago, I received a comment from R. here on Saab vs Scepticism that made me really happy

“Just bought my first but much anticipated SAAB; a 9-3 Aero SportCombi TTiD 180 with Hirsch 200 upgrade. Thanks for your blog which has increased my anticipation”

First of all, it’s great to know people are reading and enjoying SvsS, it’s also great to know someone else has just joined our exclusive club for the first time.

R. picked up his new SAAB on Saturday, and very kindly sent me a few pictures; wow, what an initiation to the SAAB club, a gleaming red SportCombi with a full Hirsch makeover including 19″ alloys, 345mm brake upgrade, lowered suspension, dual exhaust, roof spoiler and the ‘must have’ Hirsch 200bhp upgrade. This is one gorgeous SAAB.

I’m hoping R. may be kind enough to send me the odd photo and updates on how he’s enjoying his first SAAB. All I can say, is well done R. and welcome to SAAB, you won’t regret it.


30 thoughts on “Welcome to an Exclusive Club

  1. another very nice looking 9-3
    I had passed this car a few times on the way up to the in-laws, it always stood out.

    I have noticed that when I see a 9-3 I’m looking for the little tell tale badge to see if they are in the Hirsch club, when I dont see it it makes me feel a little bit more special.

    Looking forward to a good run out this coming Bank Holiday to test the new Kenwood DNX7210BT and give the car a good clear out.

    • Ha, I know what you mean, it does give you a sense of exclusivity and I do exactly the same.

      I’d love to see your 9-3 too, the more the better, it’s a privilage to feature a collection of other great SAABS on SvsS, let me know how the run with you new Kenwood goes too.

      • I’m trying to convince the other half that a small trip to Disneyland Paris would help see if the new Sat Nav was working.
        She’s not having it ! too much money she says.
        Might be a trip up to the Lakes then.

      • That could a hard one to win. Mind you, the Lakes offers some of the finest driving roads in the world apparently, not a bad way to give your SAAB a blast (oh, and test the new sat nav of course).

  2. Just wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL Site this is. I stumbled onto it, only by chance one day and read every single entry from inception. I immediately signed up to “follow”. The “SAAB” Site I followed before, became too full of opinions and ugly arguments for me to continue to follow on a regular basis.

    I love the “clean” look of this site and the articles are PERFECT, for the true and pure “SAAB” enthusiast!!!!!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Wow, thanks Allan, I love doing it, I absolutely love SAABs, combine this with photography and writing, and i’m a happy man.

      It’s great when I find out others are enjoying it so much too, what more could I ask for.

      Again, thanks for the wonderful comments, I’ll keep doing my best.

  3. Thanks everyone for their kind comments re my new aero,it’s one beautiful car…..I just wish I had taken the plunge years ago!

    I’ve finished the car off today when my new variocage dog pods were delivered today……I carry a German shephard and a springer spaniel and their comfort and safety are all important so after lots of research the variocage was chosen.
    It’s the only crash tested dog cage system in existence and no surprise that it’s developed and manufactured in Sweden!

    I’ll e mail you some pics of it fitted into the Saab later in the week should you wish add them to the blog…..

    • One of the reasons we bought our 9-3 SportCombi was to cater for a new dog, although slightly smaller than yours, but purchased a recommended cage to go in the back, the dog grew even though he wasn’t meant to, now he lavishly sleeps on a huge cushion.

  4. Quick question;my hirsch badge is situated to the rear of the Saab on the tailgate but I notice yours is on the grill…..can I ask how it is affixed?

    I’m looking to buy an additional badge for my grill….

    • Hi, yep, Paul sent the correct link, mine had the Hirsch 4 piece grille set added, this includes the main 3 grille sections, and the lower full width grille, the Hirsch badge can’t easily be fixed to the standard grilles I don’t think.

      I de badged the rear of mine completely, then had the Hirsch badge placed where the 9-3 badge was.

      • you should be warned going to the Hirsch website can cost you a lot of money 🙂
        I have to say eleven that your 9-3 is the nicest looking 9-3 I have seen.
        The only thing I think that lets it down is a manual ! 🙂
        I’m auto for ever now

      • Ha, yes, I think the dealer was even surprised with the initial Hirsch wish list. I wanted to keep it pretty understated, hence just the small Hirsch badges, I was going fo the 19″ alloys, but actually preferred the 18″ twin 5 stars.

        I’ve had Autos for the last 30 or so cars, and really wanted a manual again, although I do love SAAB autos, especially my last 9-5 Aero.

    • Local dealer – located in Greenside Way

      I passed it a few weeks ago when they first got it in.

      I had been there myself at New Year looking for an Aero TTiD but they didnt have one.

      I live 3 miles away from them. We have to pass the garage when going to the in-laws.

    • I plan to get some this weekend, as soon as I do I’ll forward them on.
      I was just looking at some of my old car – a Cadillac BLS which I do miss as it stood out in the crowd but was the 9-3 in disguise.
      The only thing I didnt like about it was the automatic gearbox it was too slow. and wouldnt move up the gears until you had passed certain speeds (wouldnt go in to 4th unless you were doing more then 41mph!)

      I think it’s the lakes this weekend so will charge D300s batteries for some shots.

  5. Very very nice 9-3. Surprisingly, although these wheels are not exactly my favorites, exactly on this Saab I love them. As well as the rear spoiler.

    Paul : i would be very interested to read about the Kenwood as well. I am fighting with myself to replace the original navigation (because it’s original) with something else with more functionality.

    • I’ll let yu know how the kenwood is after weekend

      if you want to email me I’ll pass everything I know about it.

    • Kenwood is awesome ! keep finding new functions on it.
      The eco challenge is fun at first !
      maps are great, ipod speed is great, BT for the phne is great

      very glad I got it.

      so I can have music on via bluetooth/SD/ipod/cd/cd mp3
      takes a little setup but its worth it

      • Fabulous thank you!

        We are currently on a break in Dorset so her first big run out,albeit with our much loved caravan attached firmly to the rear…..still managed decent speed and economy on the way down however and short of towing ‘daisy’ with a 458,I don’t think we could have had more attention!

  6. Excellent….do you have any pictures?

    I don’t honk I’ll be pushing my luck by upgrading my system yet,my wife has been pretty gracious up to now!

    At he moment I’m just linking my iPod by the aux socket but the sound levels are pretty low in comparison with the other channels….

    Still love the overall sound quality tho ESP combined with the quietness of he aero overall…

    Love this car to bits.

  7. we had a trip to the Lakes but I forgot to charge the camera batteries ! so sadly no photos but had a great trip 🙂
    but did geta NIP in the post the day before 😦

  8. Still going strong and up to 90k….doing a relatively sedate 10k a year but flew through its mot and full service today so I’m very happy….only thing I really need to see to is a proper refurbishment of all four alloys…looking a bit tatty!

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