A room with a Saab view

I looked out of our upstairs window yesterday, and realised what a fantastic view we had; I don’t’ mean the mature trees in the park opposite, or the surrounding historical architecture, although they’re very nice, I really meant the view of our driveway.

You don’t often get to see SAABs from above, to admire their design from an altogether different perspective, but there below me, were 3 gorgeous SAABs, all in a row.

I love each one for very different reasons; the 900 convertible, for the pure joy of topless jaunts around country lanes and relaxed family outings, the 9-3 Hirsch saloon, for my daily commute with its inspired drivability and luxuriousness, and the 9-3 SportCombi for its practicality and robustness for our family adventures.

3 SAAB’s may be a little eccentric, and I suppose that’s part of the beauty of SAAB ownership, it’s something I won’t easily give up, besides, a different badge in the line up would just look completely out of place.


13 thoughts on “A room with a Saab view

  1. I love being able to look out of my window and finding a lovely clean Saab to admire out there……it’s something I’ve not been in a position to enjoy since my last Alfa…..having a workaday land rover just wasn’t the same……

    • Ah, Alfa Romeos, some say you’re not a ‘real’ car lover unless you have owned one, I’ve had 4 in the past, 2 fantastic, the other 2 terrible, but all gorgeous to look at.

      I still have to say though, the design of Saabs hit the spot for me, especially the front of out 9-3’s, just absolutely stunning.

  2. I loved my alfa Romeos and had 4 in total also,ranging from a Alfa sud sprint veloce to a beautiful black 147 with the gorgeous 17″ supersport alloys……I was fortunate to never have a troublesome one.

    Alfa’s though,we’re right for my early years,all high revs and high drama whereas I feel that saabs suit who I am now……more confident and happy with my choices.

    I know what I want from a car now,style presence but also solid build,comfort and he lovely feel that a turbo charged engine combined with wonderful seats bring!

  3. I had two Volvos simultaneusly in the past, loved them both. It was a differend kind of affection than for the Saab, but two generations back the Volvos speaked to me much more intensive, than the current generation. In a couple of months I will switch my company car, Saab would be a logical option, but in these days it’s close to impossible to get a leasing approval for a new 9-5. Pity. And an issue what other options are there …

    • In 2011 I put a deposit on a Lexus 220d F Sport before choosing the Saab, I liked their individuality, build quality and level of dealer integrity, but to be honest, I get bored of cars extremely quickly, and really could’t imagine having to live with one for a few years.

      I realised how close i’d come to a bad decision when I picked up the Saab 9-3, in contrast, the Lexus felt slow, rather bland and lacked personality.

      I do like Volvos, I test drove the S60 R but it really didn’t do much for me either.

      If I had to choose another car right now and couldn’t opt for a Saab, I suppose I’d go for a BMW 530d Sport wagon, as i’ve owned fifteen 5 series (don’t ask) and really enjoyed them, either that, or an Alfa 159; neither could replace Saab though!

      • I feel BMW nowadays as very cold in the interior as well as too agressive from the outside. But yes, it is still an option, however, it’s a bit more complicated. I have to drive with a foreign numberplate, which is POI for thieves.

        Not so Volvo, nobody touched mine for months now, so probably I will aim for a V/XC 70. Besides Saab, the favorite is Evoque, but against the mentioned cars it is small and too expensive for what it offers.

        Let’s see, according to official rules (which seem to be not 100% mandatory) I have to go for A6. My guess is about 3 months until it disappear from the street in the hands of thieves 🙂

  4. I always thought the Saab interior was lacking in something, until I owned one and then everything is just right and logical and clearly laid out.

    I agree with the statement on BMW’s they are just bland. I do like Audi’s interiors and dashboards.

  5. The only other car I seriously considered was a Alfa 159 ti sportwagon,which is the only other car in the class to get near to the saabs looks……it’s practicality isn’t in the same ballpark however and that was what helped me make my mind up…

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