Saab vs. Anti Social Behaviour

I’ve always believed in respecting other people’s property, but others don’t seem to agree.

I’ve owned my Saab 9-3 for nearly 10 months now, it’s covered 14,000 miles, and been an absolute pleasure to own and drive. Within this time, it’s suffered a few battle scars; a couple of stone chips, a self inflicted wheel scrape (always painful) but besides that, nothing. Until now that is.

Last weekend, I found a rather perfect set of boot prints on the bonnet of the the 9-3, not only had it scratched the paintwork, but also creased the bonnet line; I was more than a little upset to say the least. It just shows a complete lack of respect, and has caused a few hundred pounds worth of damage.

I don’t mind the Saab getting more attention than our neighbours Audis and BMWs, but on this occasion, I’d have rather it went unnoticed 🙂


4 thoughts on “Saab vs. Anti Social Behaviour

  1. Thats angers me !

    People have no respect these days for other people.

    National Service! bring it back.

  2. If it makes you feel any better I have managed to smash the pristine twin electrics of my new witter detachable towbar to smithereens today on a himalean type speed bump on the site we are staying on…….I have been extremely grumpy all day as a result…I hate my car being anything other than pristine….

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