A classic Summer in the making

Over the past few weeks, the Saab 900 has sat quietly on the driveway, roof up, trying hard to protect itself from rain; and lots of it, not the perfect weather for the classic convertible. Then, on Monday, it suddenly changed, 25 – 30 degrees, blue skies with a soft, warm breeze, the 900’s time had come.

The poor weather has left its mark though, and highlighted a few things that desperately need fixing; the fabric beneath the rear window leaks, and the roof liner now plays host to a mini Olympic swimming pool, there also seems to be another leak in the drivers foot well, and the carpet currently resembles a small swamp, no worries though, all fixable.

Start the engine with its spellbinding 900 burble, and the problems soon become distant memories. Pop the roof down, pull up the wind deflector and set off down peaceful country lanes, trees rustling above and sunlight washing over the time honoured, worn leather interior. Into the evening we left the roof down and went out for supper at a friends Italian restaurant, leaving late, the air was still warm, and a slight mist had formed, but through it we caught glimpses of the star studded night sky.

The Saab 900 somehow has a soul, one that we’ve quickly fallen in love with, driving it with the roof down has to be one of life’s simple luxuries and is going to give us some classic Summer memories, thank you Saab.


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