To warranty or not warranty, that is the question

I find myself in a rather difficult position, as I imagine other owners of brand new Saabs will do. In August 2012, my 9-3 will be a year old, which means that as well as the manufactures 3 year warranty no longer being honoured, the 12 month dealer warranty expires too.

I happen to be lucky enough to live near an extremely established and passionate Saab dealership, who from recent conversations will continue to sell, service and look after the hundreds, if not thousands of cherished Saabs in our area. However, with no warranty, I could face large and unexpected bills over the coming years, so it’s all in the hands of the Saab Reliability Gods, or maybe not.

Here in the UK at least, It seems the newly formed and rather visionary Saab Automobile Parts UK Limited could save the day, they’ve launched Saab Secure; a warranty that replaces the original manufactures one.

The Good I’ll be able to keep my new 9-3 away from third party parts and non Saab mechanics for the foreseeable future.

The Bad After spending over twenty five thousand pounds on a new car, I’ll have to dig a little deeper and pay for a replacement warranty, when what I would have liked to see was some kind of honourable gesture from Saab or my dealership.

Saab Secure _ Because my Saab is worth it.


4 thoughts on “To warranty or not warranty, that is the question

  1. I have considered this myself but not sure.

    But on another note my SaaB Service Club welcome pack arrived this morning, a car sticker and keyring attachment.

      • For some reason I have 2 ! But on in the registration of a car I didn’t buy. But the important one has my cherished plate assigned to it.
        The postcards are excellent, not sure about the keyring attachment.
        The car sticker could have been nicer. Mines not due a service till we come back from holiday in October so won’t be able to test the SSC till then. But fixed price servicing looks decent for cars 3 years old +
        £149 and £249 for services

  2. That looks very reasonable……i will probably use either bond or the well liked specialist East midlands Saab…..

    I have the dealer warranty until april but after that I’ll look at the Saab secure scheme for sure….

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