100,000+ Mile Saabs Wanted

Yesterday, I added a brand spanking new page to the site The High Mile Club. This is partly for self indulgent reasons, but mainly to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and longevity, Saabs of all ages offer.

As I write, a new era of Saab begins, and whilst none of us quite know what the future holds, there are literally hundreds of thousands of amazing Saabs to own, enjoy and protect.

I’m lucky enough to own a 2011 9-3 TTiD and it really is a pleasure drive, but I also own a 9-3 SportCombi and a classic 900 convertible, both equally enjoyable, yet have covered over 100,000 miles and I imagine, both will cover many more hundreds of thousands of miles if I look after them.

It would be great if other 100,000+ mile / kilometre Saab owners join me and send in a few pictures together with a quick story that I can add to the High Mile Club collection, the more the better.

Join the 100,000+ High Mile Club Collection.


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