Camper Vans of Love

I’ve been wanting to do a story on these spectacular Saab camper vans for a while now, every time I see them they really make me happy, they also make me realise how boring things can be without people like Saab around.

Way back in 1962, Torsten Johansson set about building a camper van based on the Saab 92, he code-named it the 92H, downside was, the 92’s 28hp engine just didn’t have the power to cope with the weight of a caravan perched above, and it soon became a static Hunters Lodge hidden in the depths of a Swedish forest.

Johansson didn’t give up hope though, and later, built a second one based on the more powerful Saab V4, the 95HK. Neither managed to make it to production, and the Saab camper van just wasn’t to be.

In 2007, some very cool guys in Sweden spotted the 95HK up for auction, this also led to the original 92H being discovered, and they raised the money to buy them both. Lots of love and renovation ensued and both unique camper vans are now rolling again.

Saab have always been innovators; sometimes impractical, sometimes eccentric, but never boring, and whilst I wouldn’t swap my Hirsch 9-3 for a 92H or 95HK, they’re pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “Camper Vans of Love

  1. These campers are wonderful! I had no idea…….awesome awesome vehicles! Would love to see the insides if there are photos available. Thank you for posting!!

    • Thanks for the comment Pamela, they’re really cool aren’t they, I’ll see if I can find a few interior images, but think you may also find some on the link within the post.

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