Hirsch, far more than just a badge

Since collecting my new 9-3 last year, I’ve had a lot of people starting conversations and asking questions. They ask about the exhaust, the wheels and the stance, they ask about the brakes and grille, but most of all, they ask about the little shiny badge that proudly adorns the front and back of my car.

A small, elegant and understated silhouette of a deer. The badge is the symbol for Hirsch, a company that has a very special place in the hearts of Saab drivers worldwide, it’s what gives an already stunning car the exclusivity it deserves.

Hirsch have been the official tuning partner for Saab since 1967, based in Switzerland, they meticulously design and engineer performance parts that make a Saab very special indeed.

I find myself looking carefully at passing Saabs for a glimpse of that badge, just to see if they’re in the Hirsch ‘club’. That little badge is a reassuring symbol that the Saab wearing it has been discretely modified to give its driver maximum pleasure.

I only hope that Hirsch sees the benefit in continuing to offer their exceptional parts for the hundreds of thousands of Saabs already out there. It’s companies like Hirsch who are passionate enough about Saabs to help us all keep them maintained to perfection, both now, and for the future.

Hirsch, Far, far more than just a badge.


5 thoughts on “Hirsch, far more than just a badge

  1. Since Feb I have been doing the same thing, always looking but only actually seen 2 others.

    When you do see them it’s like yeah you know ! you get it.

  2. I have yet to see a hirsch badge on another Saab to date…nor have I received any waves back from my fellow saabists sadly!

    Perhaps it’s time for the contributors to elevens log and indeed eleven himself to have a mini meet!

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