9000 Aero. The stuff Saab dreams are made of

My love affair with Saab began back in the 1990’s when I fell head over heels for the 9000 Aero. It was, and still is an absolutely stunning car, and features one of the most beautifully unique interiors I’d ever seen. However, being young, I couldn’t dream of owning one for a few years, so I opted for an old metallic green 9000i instead.

Although it had a good specification, it wasn’t how I’d imagined a Saab to be, and I soon understood my mistake; I’d bought a normally aspired Saab, one without a Turbo, so I quickly part exchanged it for a 900 Turbo Convertible. Since then, I’ve owned 9 more Saabs, but have never been back to a 9000, and I’ve kind of regretted that.

Since beginning the High Mile Club, I’ve had a few 9000’s appearing in my Inbox, each with their own story and each as gorgeous as the next. William from Sweden owns 2 amazingly beautiful examples; a 2.3 Turbo CSE and an Aero, and he’s been kind enough to let me post the photos. It’s only covered a mere 211,112 Km so he’s got plenty more years to really enjoy the Aero, and with these seats, who wouldn’t.

Seeing this 9000 Aero has just reignited my desire to own one some day, and I think it’s going to have to be a black Aero with that gorgeous leather interior.

I even love the original 9000 Aero brochure still too.

The stuff Saab dreams are made of.


5 thoughts on “9000 Aero. The stuff Saab dreams are made of

  1. Fab car,I’ve always loved the 9000.

    I must admit,I’m planning on a nice old petrol 93 or 900 turbo,as a future plaything….I can spend hours on autotrader with my imagination.

    • 900 Turbo, can’t beat them, I’m just about to send mine off to Abbott Racing, I’ll be doing posts about it for sure.

      Mind you, it still doesn’t have the 9000 Aero seats.

  2. I adore 9Ks – I am on my third. Mine is a ’96 Aero (In Midnight Blue), Abbottised (Stage 1 ECU, 3″ exhaust) with 209,000 miles on the clock and I love it!

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