Storm Running in a Saab Convertible

The weather here in the UK is famously erratic, but for the past few weeks it’s been totally unseasonal – flash floods, high winds, lightning, thunder, even hail, you name it we’ve had it, except for much sun of course.

Some see little point in owning a convertible because of this, I say that’s exactly we you should own one, why not squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of the weather that surrounds you.

Just recently, I’ve taken to what I call Storm Running, any hint of the rain letting up, and the 900’s roof comes down. The weather’s shear variety is exhilarating; look up, and you’re surrounded by huge storm clouds one moment and clear deep blue skies the next, put all the windows down, and let the wind whistle around you.

Get caught up in natures wildness, and enjoy every moment of life’s journey, it’s easy to do in a Saab convertible.


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