What a difference 6570 days make

157,680 little hours.

I’ve been driving the 19 year old 900 classic around for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed it, but this morning I climbed back into my 1 year old 9-3, and it was shear exhilaration, it felt so new, so WOW.

I love the iconic styling of the 900, but the 18 years difference can’t be ignored, the 9-3 just feels so luxurious and exceptionally sorted. When you’re in the same car, day in, day out, you begin to take things for granted, you no longer notice the amazing carbon leather Hirsch dash, the freshness of the reassuringly solid steering wheel or the quality and comfort of the heated seats. You don’t take the time to admire the clarity and simplicity of the dashboard design, the usability of the built in navigation system, or even the unique Saab smell, and it all felt so great.

A sense of joy and sadness seemed to hit me at the same time, here I was, sitting in a car I really believe outshines most others in it’s class, both in style and individuality, but also one that may never have another generation I can look forward too sitting in for the first time.

6570 days make a huge difference, but one thing the 2 cars do have in common, is that they are both Saabs to the core, and I like that, I’m still optimistic that I’ll be able to experience new Saabs again during the next 6570 days too.


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