One year on and the 9-3 goes back to it’s roots

After almost a year of separation, my 9-3 went back to its roots this morning for a bit of Bond Street Saab time; Its first ever service was due, and as expected it’s been well looked after. The 9-3 benefitted from the new fixed price servicing Saab Parts UK have very kindly set up, with new oil, filters and a thorough health check, it’s now ready for another years journey.

As I arrived back at Bond Street in the evening to pick up my Saab all over again, I got a real buzz, not easy to explain, it sat there amongst other gleaming Saabs and it felt good, really good.

Looking back to when I first collected my new 9-3 back in 2011, I set about creating Saab vs. Scepticism to share a little Saab loving with the thousands of like-minded Saabists out there, and I must say, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Over 25,000 views, 200 comments and nearly 50 gorgeous Saabs added to the High Mile Club page, It really has been fantastic fun, and I really hope people will continue to enjoy it.

I also set up Saab vs. Scepticism to do a long term review of the new 9-3, which has been rather more difficult than I imagined. A year has passed, and the car has performed flawlessly, 15,000 miles, endless fun and most importantly for me, kept me happy; I still wouldn’t have chosen differently, I did try, but it really had to be the 9-3, I’m not bored, and that’s high praise indeed.

All I can say, is a huge thanks to Saab for giving us such iconic and individual cars, to Bond Street Saab for staying strong during these difficult times and to everyone who takes the time to look, read and enjoy Saab vs. Scepticism.


3 thoughts on “One year on and the 9-3 goes back to it’s roots

  1. My 9-3 is excellent, love it to bits didnt think i would but i just do.
    I love how it drives and the pooowwweeeerrrrr, thank you Hirsch ! best thing I could have ever done.
    I just wish we could take it to the USA for a 5 week holiday and drive it around over there but will have to do with a Chevy Tahao.

    I will at some point have the wheels refreshed and fixed and get rid of all the little marks.

    I have used Greased Lightining on the 9-3 and it makes the car shine so nicely.

    I really do need to get some photos of it.

    The Kenwood DNX7210BT is also a great bit of kit I added to the car, it looks OEM.

    Might have to look at replacing the speakers as I have the non-bose system 😦

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