Someone’s in for a Saab treat

A few months ago, I was given the keys to a gorgeous white 9-5 Aero as a loan car for the day, nice in itself, but what made it extremely unique was the matt black roof, and a lot of people seemed to agree.

Yesterday, when I dropped my 9-3 down to Bond Street Saab, I spotted this seriously nice white 9-3 on the forecourt, and it had the same matt black roof as the 9-5. I asked the MD about it, and it turns out they had the bespoke paint done ex works, and wow, does it look stunning.

A 2009 TTiD 180 Aero Saloon with only 12,000 miles on the clock, Bond Street have not only treated it to the matt black roof, but added a set of 18″ Aero X alloys, and all for just £13,995. This is going to make someone seriously happy.

If anyone’s looking for a very special 9-3 TTiD in the UK right now, this is it, and I’m sure the guys at Bond Street would be happy to tell you more (although it’ll be a shame to take it off the forecourt it looks that nice).


9 thoughts on “Someone’s in for a Saab treat

  1. I just dont like white coloured cars, seems a little pricey compared to others I have seen for sale.

    And the Black roof – just no !

    • There are some 2010 / 2011 seriously well spec’d SportCombis out there at the moment, so give it a couple of years, and I’m sure you’ll be able to grab an amazing one, reserve a set of Hirsch 18″ now though 🙂

      Our SportCombi is close to 150,000 now, gorgeous to drive, and consistant 45mpg, love it.

      • That would be ideal….I absolutely love my aero,it’s just the perfect car for my needs so I would dearly love another when I have to replace her….

        My mpg is currently on a 37 average since I bought her,but that does include a few sessions of towing our tin shed plus a bit of enthusiastic driving……life’s for living,ESP in a hirsch Saab.

  2. Hi there,

    Stumbled across this website by chance – really like the website, love the photos.

    I have recently (less then a month ago) got myself a 9-3 Sportwagon, 1.9TiD, Vector. So far so good, loving the car, hopefully will have only good experience with it (like the rest of the bunch here).

    Keep up the good work! Waiting for more posts already 🙂


    • Hi Alex

      Well done, I really hope you’ll enjoy it. Our TiD SportCombi is almost on 150,000 and still beautiful to drive. We went out for the day yestarday and added another 200 or so miles, all in great comfort and style.

      Away for a week now, so no new posts, but lots more coming soon, meanwhile, enjoy your new Saab and reading the rest of the site 🙂

      Thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

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