An Abbott Racing holiday for the 900. Part II

The guys at Abbott very kindly sent a couple more pictures of the 900 in the workshop today, and besides being treated to all its Abbott goodies you’ll notice it was in great company too. I’m still not sure if they wanted to make me jealous, or wanted to remind me just how stylish the classic Saab 900 convertible is, but they’ve done both.

Thanks guys, still looking forward to the 900 coming home next week, but if you dropped the Ferrari off instead, that would be fine too.


2 thoughts on “An Abbott Racing holiday for the 900. Part II

  1. I was at Abbott Racing on the last week to collect our 9-3 ttid after a service and saw both cars, have to be honest i only looked round the Ferrari, its a quality racing car!
    Really impressed with all at Abbott Racing, spent half an hour just chatting to Ed about their history! Wont be going anywhere else in the future.

    • Thanks Olie, the Ferrari does look great. You’ve seen my 900 before I have, got back from holiday yesterday and Abbott haven’t managed to drop it off yet, hoping they’ll be able to this week sometime now, really looking forward to seeing what difference the Abbott visit has made 🙂

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