Half full or half empty?

Forever the optimist, it has to be half full, how could it be anything else.

Not one to fastidiously watch my mpg figures, I tend to go by what the fuel gauge tells me, so when it’s half full, I always expect to get the same milage out of the second half, except I don’t. It never fails to surprise me, too optimistic I suppose.

Anyway, despite my optimism I realised I hadn’t done an update on real world fuel consumption for a while now, so thought I’d better catch up.

It seems that, no matter how I drive the Saab the mpg remains the same; I can enjoy a superb and rather rapid journey, or I can relax and take things easy, it always stays the same. It’s averaging between 41.5mpg and 43.0mpg, and nearly always covers 550 miles per tank.

There are exceptions though, our drives to Cornwall generally push up the mpg to around 47 – 48. I suppose if I slowed down to the recommended speeds I’d get more still, but Saabs are made for driving, and where would be the fun in that?

So, with just over a year of journeys in the Saab, I’m more than happy with the consumption figures –  even if the gauge always looks half full.


4 thoughts on “Half full or half empty?

  1. Drives me mad too,the lower half goes down much quickers doesn’t it!

    I’m getting around 430 to a tank before I need to refill,or rather I refill when the orange light comes on…..I mostly do 6 to 8 mile journeys hence the depressed figures.

  2. Had my Saab for 2 months and will be interesting to see what the figures are after couple of months

    So far I got (had 3 trips to the station so far): 41mpg (city), 37mpg (very mixed) and then now with half full – 48mpg (will see how it goes)

    Interesingly enough the SID shows figures around 38mpg – shouldnt it be more in line with my calculation?

    By the way enjoying my Saab a lot !

    • Hi Alex

      Glad you’re loving the Saab, fuel figues sound pretty consistant with ours, but the 48mpg sounds great.

      We’ve found that we have to reset sometimes, or the readings don’t seem to keep up.

      Carry on enjoying.

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