The Saab Light Fantastic Part Two

Driving back from London late Sunday night, pouring rain and winds outside, warm, cosy and relaxed inside, I looked in the rear view mirror to see both of my children happily curled up, and suddenly had a flashback to my childhood.

I remember being very contented when I was in the back of my parents car, the worse the weather on the outside, the nicer it was to be inside. It felt warm and safe, I loved watching the rain on the windows, the dappled lights of other cars as they passed by, but most of all, I loved looking through the space between the front seats and staring at the lights warmly glowing from the dashboard. It offers a very different view of the interior, and one we drivers never really get to enjoy in its full glory.

Having driven a myriad of other brands I would put a Saab’s interior illumination up against any. I’ve loved the distinctive and regimented orange glow of BMW, the crisp rich red of Audi, and the powerful white and red of Alfa Romeo, but the past orange and green combination and the current pure green and white of the Saab 9-3 is a thing of beauty.

I’ve found some new dashboard illumination almost irritating, just too much, too many colour variations and no order. This is a huge negative, illumination should be clean, authoritative and highly disciplined in order for it to enhance night driving.

As if reading my mind, my son said “Dad, the lights in the front are really cool, can I have this car instead of the convertible when I’m old enough?”.

Saab’s do have a secret weapon too; the night panel, and driving back home at the weekend in darkness, pouring rain and winds making driving hazardous, I realised it isn’t just an attractive gadget, it really does work.

Pure form and function, very Saab light fantastic.


4 thoughts on “The Saab Light Fantastic Part Two

    • Hey, how are you? I must admit, the Saab unit has been flawless, it’s confidently taken us on quite a few journeys including Cornish lanes (a feat in itself). My concern now, is not being able to update it via Saab, mid you, that’s without checking into it.

      I’m a bit of a purist unfortunately, so will find it difficult to look at other units when / if the time comes, but I’d suggest seeing if updates are available first, if not, the non standard units may offer a better specification.

  1. Always liked Saab illumination, seems subtle and distinctive. Quite a lot of modern cars come with an enormous and intrusive information screen, which glares out of the dashboard like a WW2 searchlight, and makes night driving distinctly uncomfortable. I have driven a hired Insignia estate before with a (clean) pair of boxer shorts wedged in front of the info screen!

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