How low can your Saab go?

Spotted this fantastically low 9000 Aero over on Stanceworks. I love to see Saabs like this, It’s kind of refreshing.

It’s not a showroom piece by any stretch of the imagination, but that makes it all the more interesting. Someone is not only adding a huge amount of individual style to it, but also helping to keep yet another great Saab on the road.

Wrote a bit more on similar Saabs a while back; the Rat Look, and this 9000 features some of the same characteristics, including mismatching Aero leather interior, badly fitting grille and a good helping of surface rust, all of which create a totally unique style.

I’ll keep searching for low Saabs to showcase, but if anyone owns or spots one, send it in, It’s great to see Saabs from all walks of life.

Couldn’t resist adding this comment I found in the same Stanceworks thread “I Love Saab’s. They are, as said, under appreciated and for the most part driven by enthusiasts and real interesting people”


9 thoughts on “How low can your Saab go?

  1. Really not sure about that. I like the Carlsson wheels – they would look grand on my 9K Aero……..

    • Interesting though isn’t it? Some people’s idea of a great Saab is exactly this. I also love Stanceworks for the exceptional photography featured.

      I must admit, I like to see the extremes people take their Saabs to, even if I like the result or not 🙂

    • I have the full Hirsch set up on my 9-3 Saloon, unbelievable difference in handling. The Hirsch 18″ alloys and Michelin’s help too.

      Send pics when you sort it.

  2. i love this , i follow stanceworks and missed this thing , my pops is giving me his 9000 cde which hes had for 14 years its black very similar to this , ive just picked up some 17 inch 90’s 3 spokes for it and its gona be getting a health drop , its on some sort of sports shocks and springs as it is but i like my lows

    • Lucky man, good spec on CDE, hugely comfortable cars, send some pics over when you’ve tweaked it a little, would love to see.

      Thanks for the comments btw.

  3. Hi everyone, I just stumbled on this. This is my old car, I developed an air suspension kit for it, and subsequently swapped it, the full interior, and engine mods over to a cleaner 9000 chassis after the black Aero (code-named the Death Star) became too rusty. This re-shell project also added custom adapters and genuine Ferrari Testarossa wheels by Speedline. Here is a later photo of the second build, the Spartan. Thank you all for your comments!

    • Hey Micah, thanks for getting in touch, I loved your old 9000, nice to see a Saab being taken to the extreme sometimes. The new one looks equally smart and loving the stance, do you mind if I pop it up on the blog? Thanks again.

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