Beauty is all in the Detail

Giving the 900 a much deserved clean today, I routinely flipped the bonnet to check the oil and water, after a few minutes, I became aware that someone had stopped on the driveway, an older gentleman. We exchanged greetings, and he said “no other car has such a beautiful bonnet when it’s open does it?” I instantly agreed of course, but it was nice to be reminded of the 900’s beauty.

After he had gone, I stood back and looked at the Saab’s design; the fine line between the wheel arch and the engine bay, the Aero bodykit contrasting with the deep paintwork, the Carlsson alloys, so many of the details are timeless in their beauty.

It isn’t just skin deep either, I opened the door and there, in all their glory were the unique Saab seats, amazing.

My 900 convertible isn’t perfect, it’s been loved and enjoyed for nearly 20 years now, but I’m surprised just how modern it still looks and feels, it really is one of the Saab classics.


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