A deconstructed Saab 900

So, it all started by fixing the leaky rear window on the convertible, it’s needed doing since we first bought the car, but I’ve been putting it off.

Every time it rains, I find a mini swimming pool in the roof hold, not only that, but the carpets in the boot and footwell had also begun to feel damp. Once I knew the rear window fix had worked, I began to remove things; I wanted to ensure I rid the classic Saab of damp before Winter, except every time I removed something, I found more water.

I removed the boot carpets, the rear seat, the driver and passenger seats, the interior carpets, and the soundproofing below, in effect, deconstructing the 900.

I’m being more thorough than I need, but the Saab deserves it, I’ll dry everything out, and get the carpets cleaned, and whilst the seats or currently residing in our home, I’ll give them a full Gliptone leather treatment too.

I’ve found it a very reassuring excersise, as not only is there absolutely no rust in the boot or footwells, even after 20 years, but I’ve been able to admire the Saab’s construction; no wonder it has earnt the reputation for being well built, It’s like a tank.

Inner beauty as well as outer beauty, aren’t Saab’s fantastic?


6 thoughts on “A deconstructed Saab 900

  1. Impressive stuff that you do with your cars, wish could do the same but due to time shortage and work pressures, it’s always been a pipe dream in my case. Keep it up and I really enjoy reading your write ups. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment, don’t be deceived however, the 900 may have to stay like this for weeks now, only managed it because I had a few days off work 🙂

      I love doing stuff like this though when I do get a space second, it rather relaxing.

  2. My c900i vert was just the same and it was ultimately the reason I sold it – it needed a whole new roof and funds just wouldn’t stretch.

    • Luckily, the hood was replaced only a few years ago, it just hadn’t been bonded well, hoping I can sort it out before Winter though.

      First part of a Renovo treatment went on today, fingers crossed.

  3. Good evening I also own a blue COnvertible Aero, just back from a SPA treatment @ Abbott racing with full deep engine treatment – the vehicle will be going to the Nurburgring and the Italy for the Nth time since I bought it in 1994…may I ask what was the entrance point of water on yours – perhaps the rear window seams? Apart form a full treatment, would you share what minimum work needs doing? And also what exact tire size are you using on your 162 rims Compliments for your vehicle looks stuning, a true design icon, All the best and regards

    • Hi Giovann

      I’ll answer the easy one first, I went for the 195 / 50 /R16’s, others say 205 / 45 / R16, it’s a personal choice, but I wanted to be 100% sure they wouldn’t touch the arches, had this before on a Jaguar, and it’s not a pleasant experience at high speeds.

      Hope Abbott treated yours nicely too, it really does feel like a Spa treatment when it returns, happy Saabs. Sounds like you have great plans for it, Italy, Nurburgring, wow, take a few snaps and send them in.

      Water leaks, hum, every time I think I’ve sorted them, another puddle emerges, so far though, I’ve re sealed the panel under the rear window with Sikaflex 221 Black (advice from Saab forums), I’ve removed the rear metal strip just above the boot, and re seated it all, I’ve also taken the boot seal out, run a beed of Sikaflex around it, and re seated that too. The Renovo treatment has definitely worked well, although another coat is needed.

      Still found a small puddle this morning though, luckily, there’s still no interior in the car, so I’ll be looking to trace the leak the moment I have some spare time.

      Hope this helps, I’m in no way experienced, and I’m sure others could offer far better advice, if they do, pass it on 🙂

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