Saab Surfaces

I’ve waited patiently all week long for this weekend to come; for a free moment to put the last coat of Renovo Ultra Proofer on the 900’s Mohair hood, and when Saturday arrived, it rains, for the first time this week, typical.

I’d already managed to reseal the rear window, and as far as I can tell, almost eliminate the main source of the recent leaks, I’d also given it a thorough clean, and recolour, but had to wait until today to finally put on the finishing coat, but I’ve done it.

I stood back and watched, amazed as the water I tentatively poured on the hood, formed into small beads and sat on the newly waterproofed surface like it would on a brand new hood, happiness.

Whilst the leather interior has been removed, I’ve begun to give it some tlc, it’s getting the full Gliptone Leather Treatment; clean, condition and light recolour where needed. I started on the rear seat on Saturday, and it’s looking good, the shine has lessened, and the hard surface has now become more supple again, I’m truly looking forward to tackling the front seats next.

All of this time spent closely working on the various Saab surfaces made me realise just how exceptional the quality of original materials must have been. The leather interior for instance, 20 years old, and with a bit of tlc, has begun to look like new again, that really impressed me, It made me proud to own a Saab.


6 thoughts on “Saab Surfaces

  1. Ahhhhh Gliptone……..that smelll – just like the inside of a gentleman’s club! Brilliant stuff though. That reminds me, I must feed my 9K Aero seats again…….

    How did you get on with the Renovo stuff? We might have a Saab vert in the fleet soon enough and I will need to clean and proof the hood.

    • Ha, yes, it does smell amazing, just hope it lasts when I get the interior back into the car.

      The cleaner worked well, as did the re-colour, and 500ml was plenty, then I came to the Ultra Proofer and annoyingly 500ml wasn’t enough, Ive now had to order another bottle. It may have been me being too liberal with it, but it definitely soaked in more than the other stages.

      Water seems to sit well on the surface that has been coated though, pouring with rain today, so I’ll know more by the time I get home, I’ll let you know.

  2. FYI my other half has returned from a certain renowned Saab specialist in Wix and we have a 9-3 Aero vert about to join our ’96 9K Aero……….

    • The best time to buy, not only are they great value, but you get the chance to drive them on crisp Winter days; roof down, heat up, wait for that Saab smile.

      Congratulations, gorgeous addition to your collection, if you get a chance, so me a few nice photos when you pick it up, love to see it.

  3. Looks lovely and nothing better than a job well done by yourself!

    Wish I could join the convertible club but need a small van as well as my sportcombi at the mo to house my troop of gsd,s….

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