Reviving the Saab Seat Luxury

Saturday morning, raining outside – Sounds like the perfect time to tackle another one of the Saab 900 seats.

The interior of the 900 convertible has been out of the car for a few weeks now, I just haven’t been able to find the time to get it cleaned and put back in, so I’ve really enjoyed this.

The rear seats came up beautifully after their Gliptone treatment, but the fronts were far dirtier. Really not sure if they’d ever been cleaned in their 20 years of service, but they were shiny and scratched, not badly, but enough to upset me.

After a few hours of careful scrubbing, wiping off, scrubbing again, leaving to dry, conditioning and then patience, this is how the first has come up. It’s back to it’s original beauty, it evokes memories of how I always remembered Saab seats being; rich, supple and with an amazing smell of leather, perfect.

The unexpected pleasure I’ve had, has been admiring their form, Saab seats have always been held in high esteem for their superior luxury, and It’s easy to see why, they’re beautifully designed, with just the right level of support, they’re hugely distinctive, and the headrest elegantly curves over the top. They really are classics in their own right.

Just the drivers seat to go, and then they’ll grace the 900 once more.


5 thoughts on “Reviving the Saab Seat Luxury

  1. They look fabulous! I assuming ‘Gliptone’ cleaner, conditioner and scuffmaster? Steve Lewis perchance? In any case very satisfying! I loved cleaning and conditioning my 9K Aero seats! Oh that smell!

    • 🙂 smell really is building up now, and yes, the full Gliptone treatment, the Scuffmaster worked beautifully for the small marks too. Have really enjoyed doing them, almost ready to reassemble the interior, that’s another post, the finished article.

    • Should keep them beautifully supple and smelling of fine leather for the next few years now 🙂 Hood, pretty good, one more coat of Renovo, and we’re sealed from the elements (well, through the hood at least)

      I’m thinking btw, do you have cover 🙂

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