A reconstructed Saab 900

SvsS_900 Interior 3SvsS_900 Interior 1SvsS_900 Interior 2

A gorgeous day over the weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to reconstruct the 900, carefully reinstalling the soundproofing, carpets and newly treated leather seats.

It’s been an enjoyable task, but whilst it was great to see the raw structural quality of this twenty year old classic Saab, it was a shear joy to see it put back together again.

After a few weeks standing motionless on the driveway, I turned the key and was reassuringly greeted by the distinctive 900 burble. It felt good to be back it the driving seat, and surrounded by the smell of fresh leather, it almost felt like I was in a Saab that had just pulled out of the showroom.

It’s easy to see why the 900 is such an iconic car, not only is it one of the most beautiful convertibles ever built, but its been built to stand the test of time. Right, roll on Spring.


4 thoughts on “A reconstructed Saab 900

  1. “Built to stand the test of time”, I couldn’t agree with you more. A 1994 BMW convertible pulled alongside of me at a stoplight on my commute home this evening. My wife use to own that very same year/model. As I looked at the car while we waited for the light to change, my very first thought was how dated that car looked!! Of course I was driving my 900 vert and I too feel that it is amazingly still a gorgeous and modern looking automobile.

    • Hi Allan Amazing isn’t it, there’s something about Saab design that seems to age well, it isn’t just the 900 either, the 9-5, the 9-3, all look superb on the road. I love comparing cars of the same era, interesting traffic past time.

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