Turbo Troll, In search of the Saab Soul

Troll Turbo_900Turbo Troll_9000Turbo Troll_900Turbo Troll_99Turbo Troll_ResidentsTurbo Troll_9-3

I’ve been meaning to take the time to post this for a while now, an article from an independent publication called Carl’s Cars way back in 2003. It’s a nineteen page feature about Saab and Trollhättan, it really is a fantastic piece, it seemed a shame not to share the Saab love.

It features Trollhättan residents, including Ragnhild Wickström who cleaned for Saab for many decades, and short interviews with Einar Johan Hareide, responsible for the design of the exceptional 9-5, and the then, current Head of Design, Michael Mauer.

I also love the images; hidden Saabs in lush Trollhättan neighbourhoods, fun loving teenagers, some even cutting off the roof of a 99 to create a seriously cool convertible for Summer.

Great vintage article, hope you all enjoy it (took me an age to scan in and paginate as a pdf).

Full Article  |  Type Pages Only


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