Looking for Hirsch Alloy Aficionados

Hirsch Alloy

I need some help from you fellow Saabists and Hirsch alloy aficionados to identify exactly which colour Hirsch alloys I have.

Sounds strange I know, but the 18″ 5 Twin Spoke alloys were originally ordered by my local Saab dealer as part of the 345mm Hirsch brake and wheel set, and they have recently and very sadly, vanished. I’ve contacted Hirsch directly, and they have given me these 2 colour options:

Brilliant Silver or Titanium Silver

I desperately need to order another alloy to replace my square one, but don’t want to order the wrong one, any help gratefully received.

So, is this a Brilliant Silver or Titanium Silver finish?


12 thoughts on “Looking for Hirsch Alloy Aficionados

  1. looks like Titanium Silver to me, but wont it be on the paperwork when you bought the car ?

    • Wish it had been, but no, I spec’d the car with everything I wanted, Hirsch wise, and it was all fitted, within a single price and delivered as a complete new car package.

      I think it could be Titanium too, but coming direct from Switzerland, I really have to be sure 🙂

      Thanks for the help Paul, it feels a bit like a Saab ‘Ask the Audience’

      • any news on the council paying out, had to have the wife’s car tracked yesterday due to her hitting a pothole that was hidden by water on the road, garage said they’d had 20+ people in all hit the same hole. Council have now just put barriers up around it.

        road tax ! oh yeah it doesnt actually go to the roads does !!!

      • It happens to so many people, the Winter has a habit of ripping up the roads doesn’t it. To be fair, the claim’s gone in, and the council has already repaired the hole. Just need to wait and see how long they take to pay.

  2. Looks like Titanium Silver to me as well. If you look at the Hirsch page and wheels (UK market, 9-3 sedan), they still offer Brilliant silver, they have a hi-res picture there and it looks more brighter than your squared one.

    would link it directly, but don’t know if comments support it …

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