Saab Winterings

SvsS_Saab In SnowSvsS_Saab in Snow 2SvsS_Saab in Snow 3SvsS_Saab in Snow 4

It’s been difficult weather here in the UK, especially for taking photos of Saabs, wind, rain, hail, you name it, we’ve had it. But then came the snow and ice; crisp mornings, where everything looks as though it’s been painted white, so out came the camera.

The car isn’t clean, but I love the contrast between the deep grey and white, and it reminds me just how exceptional the 9-3’s design is.

As the snow falls, I can’t help feeling a little snug that I drive Saabs, they’re great in this kind of weather. My old 9-5 Aero auto, had a very special W button, it had magic powers, press it, and driving in Winter conditions was a real pleasure. The 9-3 is a manual, but I’m always amazed at how well it handles in the snow, and as for the 900 classic, brilliant, it must be the weight of the thing.

And did I mention the other Saab innovation that I just couldn’t live without in Winter, the heated seats, oh and…


9 thoughts on “Saab Winterings

  1. My 9K is a lovely place to be in Winter – those fab seats with the heaters on are just amazing. One thing about our ’01 9-3 Aero vert, is that it heats up soooooooo easily and so incredibly toasty. Saabs just feel ‘Right’ in the Winter.

  2. No winter button on my 2008 aero and safely my drivers heated seat expired this week but its been fantastic in the snow this morning…it sailed past wheel spinning Audi’s and BMWs digging themselves into the ground which brought a rye smile to my face!

    • No heated seat, hope the heater works well still. I have vivid memories of risking life and limb every time I drove my BMW’s, especially the 530 M Sport.

  3. The heater continues to be very efficient indeed thankfully….the cars booked for service at Hallam and southern Saab specialists at swadlincote in a few weeks so I’ll get the seat issue resolved then hopefully….

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