Saab Snow Grilles

Saab Grille 1 Saab Grille 2 Saab Grille 3 Saab Hirsch Grille

I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos of the Saab grilles covered with snow. I always feel as though these cars are at home in extreme weather conditions.

Photographing in this detail reminded me that even with 20 years between our 900 and 9-3 the SAAB wordmark has remained consistent. It’s also reassuring to know that NEVS has considered it a powerful enough brand to keep the core wordmark the same too.


6 thoughts on “Saab Snow Grilles

  1. So glad I have a garage at this time of year 🙂
    A nice double garage ! I’ve been told I can not put a heating system in there unless I want to move in there !

    • Haha, fantastic, downside is, you’re restricted to only two Saabs 🙂 Convertible is currently lovingly covered in plastic sheeting with a thick layer of snow on top, haven’t driven it this week.

    • My In-laws are currently visiting us from Canada, I told them about the 20cm of snow and they smiled. Hope you found your wife’s Saab again though 🙂

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