A perfectly round Hirsch alloy, again.

SvsS_The New Hirsch Alloy

It’s been over a month since my 9-3 fell down a rather large hole in the road, turning what used to be a perfectly round 18″ Hirsch alloy into something that resembled a wheel from the Flintstones.

After a bit of communication with the lovely people at Hirsch and a few others regarding the colour, I ordered a replacement alloy from Switzerland via my newly discovered local Saab Service Centre; Westaway Saab.

This morning, I popped over to pick up the shiny new alloy, had the Michelin Pilot transferred, and all is good again, my 9-3 now sits on a full set of round Hirsch alloys.

Let’s drive.


6 thoughts on “A perfectly round Hirsch alloy, again.

    • Hum, sort of, it seems no one quite got the colour right after all 😦 I now have a slightly darker Titanium alloy to go with the other 3 bright ones.

      Saying that, it is at least round. The council have told me that the giant hole wasn’t there at all and had been fixed 3 days earlier, amazing, they now have a battle on their hands.

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