Three top marques sitting in a row

SvsS_Executive Parking Small

An interesting view in my car park today, a row of three top marques; Saab, BMW and Mercedes, side by side, with nothing to hide, two in a deep carbon grey, and the third in an ice white.

I found it interesting to compare the visual styling and stance of the three cars, and forgetting the age difference, I have to say, the 9-3 just looks exceptionally sharp.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned plenty BMW’s & Mercedes, and enjoyed them all, but this is about simple visual appeal, and the Saab wins hands down in my eyes.


9 thoughts on “Three top marques sitting in a row

  1. Saab or Merc for me – Beemers really don’t do anything for me – but I could stomach a classic 635! Modern Beemers are just sooooo ugly!

    • Loved my 5 series upto the E39, and then I thought the design team lost it. Still crave a nice 3.0 CSi though. Love the classic Mercedes, and the new SL63 AMG is stunning…

      Day in day out though, I’d have to choose a Saab.

  2. My parents own a Bimmer and a Benz, yet I have never taken the time to visually compare the two against any of my SAAB’s. I agree with the lot, the 9-3 is visually head and shoulders above the other two cars in the frame. I think it would be even more pronounced, if the 9-3 was positioned in the middle. A gorgeous car that is aging very gracefully, if at all.

  3. It depends on what you’re looking for. The Saab does have a nice profile from the from but the BMW looks more elegant and the Mercedes a simple sports coupe.

    • Absolutely, what I find interesting, is that all three have very distinct styles and personal taste applies here. I loved the BMW E39’s I owned, but didn’t particularly warm to this model, the Mercedes looks great too. The Saab has an extremely pleasing profile even in the company of these two 🙂

  4. Must admit,I can’t abide mercs….bimmers always have a functionality about them but mercedes just seem vulgar to me,the complete polar opposite to the Saab ethic.

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