The Saab SportCombi, designed for living, built for life.

SvsS_Rich SportCombi copy

Early on in the life of Saab vs. a great guy called Rich sent me a photo of a SportCombi he’d just bought, he’s been a regular here ever since, thanks Rich.

Earlier this week, he kindly sent me another picture of his superb SportCombi taken on a recent trip to the Peak District. You’ll note the addition of loaded bike racks, we both agree that, for some reason, they just add to the style of the SportCombi. They seem to help reflect the lifestyle SAAB designed the car for – for living, getting out there and enjoying everything nature can throw at us, and all in exceptional SAAB style.

60k under it’s belt, a recent service and as tight as the day it was driven out of the showroom. Still loving these Hirsch alloys, gorgeous car. Thanks again Rich.


17 thoughts on “The Saab SportCombi, designed for living, built for life.

  1. I remember passing that actual 9-3 at the local dealer on the way to the in-laws, the garage has now closed. still a good looking SC.
    But the wheels arent for me.

  2. after seeing those wheels for the first time I didn’t like them at all. on the second time the same. but than after a while I started to like them, despite hearing good as well as not so good things about them.

    a very good looking SC indeed.

    • brilliant love the DNX7210BT, only thing wrong is it’ dropped in price a lot
      also last weekenquired how I gt Traffic updates to work and they (Garmin) gave me ife timesubscitption which was hand for the commutess to and from Bristol which I have started doing.

      Avg 55.4mpg on sunday Man>Bristol used some Millers fuel addin and the car seems a lot smoother

    • the dnx7210 was excellent on friday with traffic reports and rerouting me to get me home from Bristol in just over 3hrs back to Manchester last friday

  3. I was quite happy to see this tribute because I’m about to purchase an ’08 Aero Combi. I’ve had a 9-3 convertible for about a year and have been smitten with its charm, its comfort, its ability, and its beauty, though I must admit the 900 Conv is fetchingly handsome. The Combi is pure magic, though, strikingly handsome, purposeful, dynamic, graceful in a most unusual way.

    Most of the cars now available in the US are so tedious and flat, even those unbearable German things that everyone wants. Saab stands apart, and their marvelous individuality is cause for celebration and a force for inspiration

    I would buy a 99 if it were made today. So intelligent a machine.

    And speaking of inspiration—thanks for yours. All the best.

    • Hi Russ

      Sorry for the delay in responding, we’ve been away for a while. You’re going for a seriously gorgeous SportCombi, Aero – nice 🙂

      Ours now has just over 160k on, late 2007 model, and we’re still loving it, needs a bit of money spent on the brakes (and a small dent to fix) but other than that, so, so happy with it still.

      Sat on the motorway at rather high speeds for 50 miles or so on the way back from the Airport the other day, these Saabs are just a shear pleasure to drive.

      Really hope you enjoy your new Saab as mush as you do your convertible, what a great set, feel free to send me a few pictures of them so that I can share them with everyone.

      Thanks for the comments.

      • It’s reassuring to hear yours is at 160K! I’m still on the fence, waiting for the Saab shop to arrive at estimates to fix a few things. I don’t want to buy into trouble, though the car seems to go down the road very well. More later.

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