There was a time when the Germans feared the Swedes.

svss_New 9-3 Ad from 2003

Flicking through an old magazine from 2003, I spotted this ad for the ‘all new’ second generation Saab 9-3. 10 years on, and I’d still choose it over a number of current executive saloons, the front may not be as sharp as the latest generation 9-3, but it still makes me stare.

‘The vikings gave the whole of Europe a hard time, especially their close neighbours across the Baltic. Now it’s happened again with the launch of the new Saab 9-3 Sport Saloon. With a revolutionary new chassis and refined turbocharged engine, it gives both breathtaking performance and remarkable handling. In fact, it has already caused quite a stir amongst the motoring press. It seems our German competitors have every reason the be worried. And you have every reason to book a test drive’.

Looking forward to seeing some more Saab advertising in the future.


4 thoughts on “There was a time when the Germans feared the Swedes.

  1. Nice advertisement. I really like the tone of voice of Saab, along with the visual style. And I agree, looking forward to more of this in the future!
    Next to that, my compliments for your nice blog with beatiful pictures and recognizable stories. Always a pleasure to visit!

  2. In all honesty though – those early 9-3 SS were really not so good & really didn’t worry the Germans……

    • Agree and disagree, the build quality was far from German standards, true, but it offered an extremely attractive alternative. Our friends owned one of the very first Aeros without trouble until it had covered nearly 200,000 miles. I can’t say the same thing for our Audi A6’s, I did love them, but they also caused me plenty of trouble, not least the gearbox needing replacing in both.

      • I remember those adds from when they came out. A great look indeed……

        I’ve been driving a black 9-3 2003 2.0 Aero for the past 5 years – just like the one in the add!

        It’s now got 138,000 on the clock, still looks great and has never let me down. I had it hirsched (stage1 remap) which really made the car come alive.

        Gives me 36-37 mpg on my 160 mile round commute to London and back.

        Still outpaces much more modern ‘German boxes’ and after a very long day the car is still a relaxing and re-assuring place to be!

        My next car will be another 9-3. A TTID is the obvious choice. However, the 2.0 Aero has never let me down and just gets serviced, as per the intervals. Lewis Saab in Chichester have been most helpful along the way!

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