Saab vs Scepticism Archives Part Three. Saab 900 Classic

SvsS_900 Archive-1 SvsS_900 Archive-2 SvsS_900 Archive-3 SvsS_900 Archive-4 SvsS_900 Archive-5 SvsS_900 Archive-7 SvsS_900 Archive-8 SvsS_900 Archive-9 SvsS_900 Archive-10 SvsS_900 Archive-11 SvsS_900 Archive-12 SvsS_900 Archive-13 SvsS_900 Archive-14 SvsS_900 Archive-15

So, the weather in the UK continues to be erratic; six inches of snow yesterday – great photo opportunities are few and far between.

All 3 of our Saabs are desperate for a clean, but the one needing most attention is the 900, it needs to be driven and enjoyed. So while we wait patently for the weather to change, I thought I’d do another Archive, this time in honour of the 900 classic.

Over the years, I’ve collected literally hundreds of 900 images, but there are always a handful that make me stop and say WOW, these are them. If yours is featured, a huge thanks, you kept a dream alive until I managed to get hold of one myself.

It’s such an iconic car, and the one I most associate with Saab’s heritage. There are endless details I fall in love with every time I see one: the curve of the windscreen, the clamshell bonnet with its enticing air intake, the Aero bodykit and 3 spoke alloys, all burn powerful visual memories into the mind. It’s a Saab not easily forgotten.

SvsS_900 Archive-Ours Two

I couldn’t do an archive without featuring my own 900 classic. Possibly not as sharp as some of the others featured, but one that I can’t wait to drive again soon, roof down, distinctive 900 burble sounding reassuringly at every touch of the throttle, yep, the 900 is a truly amazing car.


9 thoughts on “Saab vs Scepticism Archives Part Three. Saab 900 Classic

  1. Makes me want a c900 again! – I notice many of those cars included have the mighty Carlsson alloys – they really MAKE a c900!

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