Convertible days are here again

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Slowly I see signs of Spring, warmer days, soft blue skies and a freshness that makes you smile. So, with a few days away from work, it seemed like the ideal chance to drop the top and enjoy the pleasures of the 900 convertible.

Cleaned and polished, it’s hard to just hop in and go, so I took the time to admire (and photograph) this iconic Saab. Everywhere you look, there appears to be automotive beauty waiting to greet your eyes, the immaculate horizontal lines running the entire length of the car, the bonnet, the gorgeous curve of the windscreen and, of course, the Carlsson alloys.

I’ve enjoyed giving the entire interior a bit of tlc over Winter, and it’s nice to see the results under the sky at last. The leather seats are supple and luxuriously comfortable again, and I’ve put the wind deflector back in.

I love this car with the roof up, but nothing quite prepares you for just how timeless the 900 looks with it down.

I finally climbed in and took it for a 100 mile run, country lanes mostly, but a few fast roads to clear away the Winter cobwebs. I’ve also had time to enjoy the changes made by the guys at Abbott Racing, and they feel good. It feels faster and unbelievably smooth, the handling is still seriously tight, but above all, it feels reassuringly Saab, it puts a smile on your face only a Saab convertible can.

I happily returned home not realising I’d been gone for a few hours, that’s what Saab convertibles do, they make you lose yourself in the moment.

If anyone fancies one of these iconic 900 convertibles, this one will be for sale very soon. I won’t go in to details right now, but I’m carefully plotting my next Saab project, so if you’re interested, pop me an email (before Spring really gets going).



19 thoughts on “Convertible days are here again

  1. Wow! What a beauty. I just bought one myself and intend to pamper it a little. Do you have a suggestion on how to restore the fairing around the inside?

    • Hi Pierre

      Thanks for the comments and congratulations, you won’t regret buying one.

      When you say the fairing, do you mean the Aero moldings around the windows, or around the base of the car? I used bottles and bottles of different detailing products before mine looked great again.

      • Ah, I used a small nail brush and Autoglym car shampoo to remove the ingrained green and dirt and then an entire bottle of the Autoglym Bumper care, it’s like an oil and sinks in to the soft rubber, a few coats, and they come up beautifully.

        Good luck, send a few pictures when you have it, and I’d love the feature it.

      • Deal!
        Autoglym products have just arrived at a popular car place here in Canada. You seem to like them. I’m looking for a good wax to restore the original paint which is in pretty good shape. It’s a 93, maroon.

      • Not all great though, the everyday shampoo and the bumper care are both excellent, but I use Meguiars ultimate compound and ultimate wax for surface prep and polishing.
        They worked wonders on the 900, that a load of hard work, I must admit, I was aching, but it was well worth it.

        Nice colour by the way.

  2. Very nice wind deflector in the car. What brand/type is that? I like the way it’s not too big. I’m looking for a late (93) 900 convertible at the moment. But, LHD.

  3. I strongly recommend any Megs products – especially the ‘Ultimate’ range – I use the ultimate Wash and wax shampoo, compound (hard work by hand, but very effective) and Quick wax – all of which leaves a wonderful deep, wet finish. Polish wise though I still haven’t found anything better Autoglym super resin polish – I then use Poorboys Black hole glaze on top of the SRP and with quick wax.
    Back to the verts – we have managed to have the roof down on our ’01 9-3 Aero vert – just fantastic! I would love your c900, it would be the perfect partner for my 9K Aero……a man can dream………

  4. Now the fun starts. Our «new» cabrio has arrived home. Before I start working on its look, I have a few minor issues to address so I can register here.
    After driving about 500 kilometers to bring it here, my feelings are varied. I guess the first thing is that I understand what critics meant by a rubber chassis! Is there a «rescue kit» out there to stiffen this piece of marshmallow! I guess not. Part of the classic feeling I guess. Also, I am convinced that my idea of using Abott parts to tune the engine is a good one. I can’t believe the difference with our 9-5 which is much peppier from the start, even though it only has the light pressure turbo, albeit with the Aero EPC. Incredible the advances Saab made in twenty years developing the turbo. One item I must absolutely address to fully enjoy the car when the roof is up, is to find new side glass rubber moldings. I was very disappointed to see Saab Central doesn’t carry them anymore. Do you know if they are still available somewhere or should I be looking at scrap yards?

    • Sounding great, I look forward to future stories. It took me a while to get used to the 900, draughts etc, I even realigned the drivers door to stop the wind whistling at faster speeds.

      Handling wise, i’ve found that the Abbott Sports Springs made a huge difference over standard 900s I’d driven, but reading their description of the Dampers they could be a perfect solution to the rubber chassis :

      When used in conjunction with our sports springs, the body is kept under far greater control, giving significant improvements to the drivers level of confidence, the steering precision is also increased markedly.

      For the window seal rubber, I know of 2 places, one Saab 900 specific Steve Lewis Saab and one that specialises in classic car renovation. They literally have hundreds of different rubber extrusions Woolies

      Apologies, they’re all in the UK. It’s where I generally source things from because I live here, I’m sure there are a load of other great places for Saab stuff around the globe.

      Good luck, and enjoy it, the Abbott ECU upgrade combined with upgraded fuel pump and filter etc, really make a difference to the low pressure turbo, it creates a tighter driving experience, but still feels really smooth.

    • Hi, I’ve used it in the past on a few Alfa Romeos, worked well, but then I tried Gliptone Liquid Leather.

      I used the cleaner and the conditioner on my 900, and it feels fantastic, supple, with an original satin finish, but most of all, the absolutely amazing smell of genuine leather, and it lasts. The 900 smells like a new Saab again. It’s a smell I always associate with the older Saabs, but was missing from my convertible.

      I don’t think I’d use anything else on leather now.

      Good luck

      • Sounds very convincing. Do you think a 250ml bottle of GT12 and GT11 will do the whole interior? Have you tried the air freshners?

      • I think I used the 250ml bottles, and yes, they did the entire interior beautifully.

        I’d planned to buy the Leather Air Fresheners too, but the Liquid Leather smelt so good I really didn’t need them.

      • Great, as it’s pretty expensive to import to Canada. I think I will use the GT13 in case we get caught in the rain with the roof down. Pretty well finished the dash. Looking better every day. I have a wire with a red bulb at the end, connected to the driver side speaker (under the dash), Any idea where it might go? I renounced checking the dash light bulbs that are under the dash at the right of the speaker (RHD of course) Perhaps I will pull out the dash at one point. Thinking I might add a wooden dash board later.

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