A priceless gift for a Saabist and collector of nice things

svss_9000 Anniversary Coversvss_9000 anniversary seat detail

Earlier this week, a friend said he had something for me; a box full of old Saab Club magazines going right back to the late 80’s. I was a very happy man.

And, as if this wasn’t already enough to make me smile, I discovered a collection of Saab brochures going right back to the late 80’s, I even found a Saab Carlsson Performance Range brochure.

Needless to say, I’ll be doing my very best to scan them all in and share them with everyone over the coming weeks, but one in-particular caught my eye from 1997, the Saab 9000 Anniversary Edition.

It features a stunning black 9000 with a two tone, sand beige leather interior with alpaca inlays, and has a rare aircraft monogram on the backrest cushions of the front and rear seats. I also love the special edition wood and leather steering wheel too.

I can just image how good this Saab must have felt for the lucky few who picked one up, brand spanking new from their Saab showroom.

Enjoy : Saab_9000 Anniversary Edition_Brochure 1997


9 thoughts on “A priceless gift for a Saabist and collector of nice things

  1. I also was given a great pile of ‘Saab driver’ magazines recently going back to 2002!
    Not wishing to be pedantic but the 9K in the brochure isn’t black it is Midnight blue – how do I know? My 9K is the same colour and they didn’t make Annis in blue – the were only available in Silver, Imola red, Midnight blue and Amethyst (which like Midnight blue, is so dark it is almost black in some light!) In any case, the 9K is a great car and criminally under appreciated, even in Saab circles! .

    • Thanks, I must admit, it seemed to have a hint of blue in it, but then I looked at the available Anniversary exterior colours : Black, Scarabe Green, Silver, Midnight Blue and Amethyst Violet.

      Still not sure I’m right, but it appears to have been available in Black.

      My dream Saab still has to be a 9000 Aero, one day maybe.

      Thanks, as ever for the comments, it’s great to have others check my info from time to time, always so much to learn 🙂

  2. I am in the US, a SAAB enthusiast and very familiar with the 1997 50th Anniversary Edition 9000 CSE. 300 were produced for the US market, in only four exterior colors: Black, Scarabe Green, Midnight Blue and Amethyst Violet. A gorgeous machine, inside and out.

    The 1997 Talladega Special Edition 900’s were available here in Silver, Black and Cayenne Red.

  3. I have just had my ’97 9K brochure out no mention of black by then, but speaking o some Saaby-mates they confirm black was available. Have to say I have never seen one. On another note, how could I forget Scarabe…….honestly….hehehe

  4. I have to agree, those seats look uber-comfortable! I would love to find a pair and turn them into office chairs.

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