Everyday People

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I love it when I see a truly classic Saab being used everyday, it’s how it should be.

I’ve seen this gorgeous white 96 being driven around our neighbourhood a few times recently, and it makes me smile every single time. Last week, I spotted it in car park, so I quickly stopped, grabbed my camera and took a few snaps.

It’s in great condition, it’s pretty much factory standard, original wheels, original interior, original everything, it’s just a lovely classic Saab. I don’t know much more about it, but if I get a chance to speak to the owner sometime, I will.

What I did find interesting though, is that when I parked my 9-3 next to its forefather for a family photo, I was amazed by the shear difference in size, the 9-3 looked absolutely huge in comparison, sexy, but huge.

It also made me think about just how important it is, to not only look after and cherish our classic Saabs, but to drive and enjoy them too, after all, it’s what the great people of Trollhättan designed and built them for.


4 thoughts on “Everyday People

    • Yep, it surprised me too. I’ve seen it a few times in Market Harborough, but found it parked in the nearby village of Kibworth Harcourt. Great old Saab

    • Hi Alex, Insane time at work at the moment, haven’t even had enough time to add many new posts let alone fine a new project, but it’s definitely in my heart 🙂

      Just enjoying our 2 9-3’s at the moment, my TTiD Hirsch is going particulary well. Waether here terrible so wouldnt have had much chance to enjoy the 900.

      Thanks for the comment, and really enjoying all of you fantastic posts over on Saabism, some gorgeous pictures.

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