The Even Higher Mile Club

svss_high-mile-club-9-3-18t-2004svss_high-mile-club-9-3-18t-2004 in 2013

Almost a year ago, I set up a page on Saab vs. Scepticism to honour our high mile Saabs, I must admit, I was overwhelmed by the response. Saabs from no less than 17 countries arrived in my Inbox, all wanting to be featured, it made me happy to know that so many others were also proud of their high mile Saabs.

A year later, the emails might have slowed down, but I still get the odd one or two which I’m privileged to add. What’s great though, is that some of my fellow Saabists keep coming back and updating me on their high mile Saabs.

This morning, Remco emailed me from the Netherlands, his 2004 9-3 1.8t LPG originally appearing with 294,402 Kilometres, has now reached a respectable 333,333 Kilometres, that’s 38,930 Kilometeres of Saab smiles in less than a year. Remco, you should be proud, and thank you for updating us, I’m sure your 9-3 will continue to give you much pleasure – I look forward to another update in a year of so.

Closer to home, our 9-3 SportCombi is happily lapping up the miles, 17,000 in the last year. Now close to 160,000 (not much compared to Remco’s) it continues to put a smile on our faces, still superbly comfortable, and still as smooth and tight as the day it was driven out of a Saab showroom.

So, while NEVS continue to push Saab towards a positive future for us all, I feel proud to be able to play a small part in protecting its heritage by honouring and maintaining these amazing high mile Saabs.

Keep them coming.


2 thoughts on “The Even Higher Mile Club

  1. Just goes to show – modern Saabs are just robust (mechanically at least) as the classic ones. My 9K Aero is just a few miles short of 214,000. I must admit it is starting to need some attention – my dream is that it can go and have something of a Spa session, rather like your c900 did – although I really couldn’t afford to send it to Abbott’s like you did! I do have a significant birthday coming up this year, and I have told all that will listen, and a few that won’t, that this is the only thing that I want……We’ll see…….

    • At 214,000 your 9000 Aero definitely deserves a little pampering, and who who could deny such a meagre birthday wish 🙂
      I’m sure the guys at Abbott would give it a great treatment and prepare it for it’s next 214,000 miles.

      Is it in the High Mile Club? If not, it would be great to add it.

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