Rapid Progress of another Hirsch 9-3

SvsS Jon Hirsch 93 1SvsS Jon Hirsch 93 2SvsS Jon Hirsch 93 3

A while ago, I received a great letter from another Saab fan who’d been inspired by my 9-3 Hirsch, J had succumbed to the exclusivity, quality and style of the upgrades and had set out to create a 9-3 Hirsch for himself.

Yesterday, he was kind enough to forward a few more photos of his progress, it really is looking stunning. The V6 Aero has been treated to a long list of Hirsch goodies including 19″ alloys, rear boot spoiler, carbon leather dashboard, central gear surround, door inserts and handles and last but no least, has managed to get hold of one of the last steering wheels too.

It’s also gained a Maptun upgrade, taking the power to a very healthy 295bhp. This is another rather exclusive Saab, and proves yet again, the loyalty and passion people have for these fantastic cars, keep up the great work J, and I look forward to hearing about the planned exhaust replacement in the future.


6 thoughts on “Rapid Progress of another Hirsch 9-3

  1. may I ask, where he could get the gear surround from Hirsch ? as well, the glovebox cover. please 🙂 searching for this without success 😦
    many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Alex, as Paul says they’re on ebay – the ones for sale (which are the last remaining stock) are the Hirsch kits for the ‘vert.

      The gear surround is the same item for the SS, however the glovebox trim will require you to swap the glove box button for your existing one – it’s a one second job!

      Hope helps.

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