Saab Flickr Fantastic

SvsS on Flickr

I’ve been rather neglectful of SvsS lately, things have been hectic to say the least, but my love for Saab remains pure.

After selling the gorgeous 900 convertible I planned to begin the search for another ‘project’ an early 9-3 HOT Aero Convertible or a 9000 Aero maybe, it hasn’t happened as yet, but it will.

In the meantime I continue to upload hi res Saab images on to my Flickr account, and I have to say, they’re really raised their game; new layout , display matrix and and enhanced look, it looks fantastic.  Entire spreads of Saabs, who could ask for more? My favourites seem to be displayed similarly too, bonus.

I’ll be getting back to writing more posts very soon, but until then, go over to Flickr, and search Saab Cars, I’m a happy man.


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